MadJax XSeries Storm Hard Style Grab Handle for the 84 inch top

  • $49.95

The MadJax hard grab handle is great when you need a helping hand getting in or out of your MadJax XSeries or any vehicle equipped with a triple track top. They're ideal for the daily drivers, providing a secure point to hold on when entering or exiting the vehicle and will add extra support for passengers to stay stable on bumpy paths. The MadJax hard grab handle is also a great addition to a lifted vehicles for off-roading but are also perfect for everyday use. Made of high quality TPU rubber, these grab handles are durable, lightweight, and weather resistant. Compared with metal handles, rubber handles can insulate from heat and cold temperatures, not freezing in winter and not hot in summer.


  • Hard Style Grab Handle and Hardware
  • Fits MadJax XSeries Storm Models 2023-Up
  • Can be mounted to any carts with RedDot Versa Triple Track Tops
  • Constructed from over molded TPU rubber with a tubular steel core
  • Tubular steel core construction provides sturdy touch point
Please Note: This is a single grab handle, please order two if you want for both sides!