Bazooka G2 Dashboard Controller*

Bazooka G2 Dashboard Controller*

  • $99.95

The Bazooka Wireless Dashboard Controller gives you complete control of your G2 Party Bar right from the dash of your SideBySide, golf cart, RV, or boat. Easily switch listening modes, adjust the volume, pause/play the music, track songs forward/reverse, turn on your LED lights, change LED patterns, and even instantly get Dome light courtesy lighting with the simple click of a button.


  • Built-in Bluetooth for pairing with G2 Party Bar
  • Press and Hold the Power button to turn the Party Bar ON/OFF
  • Click press the Power button to turn the LED Lights ON/OFF
  • Press the Mode button to toggle between Bluetooth/Aux/USB listening modes
  • Dome button turns the LEDs ON and sets all LEDs to WHITE
  • Please Note: For use with G2 Party Bars Only

Return & Warranty Information

  • For any warranty issues please contact Bazooka customer service directly @ 888.651.1203 Monday Through Friday 8am to 6pm ET
  • You can also visit their website: