Eco battery Conversion for Polaris Ranger Ev

  • $2,699.00

We have the set up for your Polaris ranger, and its the best battery in the lithium market! Eco Battery! with its 8 year warranty!  DO NOT be fooled, Eco is the way to good, just google their reputation!  


Choose between the budget friend 105 ah which will get you 30-45 mile per charge or go with the larger 160 ah which will get you 60+ miles per charge.  You can also double the batteries for double the distance

(2) 105 ah eco lithium batteries, which is 205 ah will get you 80+ miles per charge or go with 2 massive 160 ah Eco batteries for 140 miles, Choose your destiny! 


Our kits comes with the number of batteries listed, 1 charger, 1 meter and 1 voltage reducer.  mounting is custom but simple to do depending on which model you have.