600 Amp Controller  On The Fly Programmer & PLUG -Select your model

600 Amp Controller On The Fly Programmer & PLUG -Select your model

  • $799.00

600-Amp Navitas Controller for 36/48-Volt Systems
  • Adjust the Top Speed, Acceleration and Regenerative Braking on-the-fly
  • Increase Range(driving distance)
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • Built-in Protection to prevent motor burn-out
  • Requires a Controller Module specific vehicle (Included see below)


On the Fly Programmer Included
Personalize the driving experience with Navitas On-The-Fly Programmer.
  • Adjust for More Speed or More Range
  • Set the level of Regenerative Braking
  • Control Rate of Acceleration
  • Key Lock to lock in the settings, disable the dials and allow physical removal of the programmer
  • Diagnostics - LED is used to signal state change and diagnostic information to the operator.
  • Works with the Navitas Controllers
Personality Plug Included
Vehicle personality module for use with the  600 amp controller. 
  • Connects directly into the cars wiring harness
  • The Personality Chip Controls the output from the controller to the motor with a direct fit, making this setup plug and play
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